Find Kitchen Remodeler

Are you wanting to completely remodel your kitchen? Want something specific to your needs and your taste? Kitchen remodelers are a great way to get this job done. If you have a good one, your remodeling will run smoothly, cost what you were quoted and look how you want it to. But if you end up with a cowboy it could lead to stress and frustration, money wasted and no dream kitchen at the end of it. So here is how to get someone with the experience, skills and good ethics that you need.

kitchen remodeling in progress

Why do you need a kitchen remodeler?

Did you know that kitchen remodeling is actually one of the most expensive projects you can undertake in your home? What with all the appliances, fixtures, flooring, cabinets and so on the cost builds up quickly and it involves a lot of different things to be done making it more complex than other projects too. In a kitchen you are going to need plumbing done, possibly some electrical work, flooring, installation, duct work, structural construction and possibly more. And a remodeling means you and your family are without a kitchen for as long as it takes to complete. The kitchen is the room that gets the most traffic in a home, you are going to have to work out things like food, drink and if your washing machine is in there, clean clothes!

Getting a good kitchen remodeler will ensure your time without a kitchen is not too stressful and that all the complex aspects get worked out and it is completed in a time scale you are happy with. So many people end up with kitchens half completed, poorly done, leaking, damaged or just not what they wanted because of a poor choice in remodeler.

The key is to ask them some hard questions and expect the right answers. When you start this process there are some things you can do to make it more likely you get someone you can trust. Someone with the manpower needed, someone not in financial trouble, and someone with the ethics to take pride in their work and want to produce a good result for you. Some things to do are;

  1. Research past performances. You need to see what previous jobs were done, how successful were they, were they completed on time and budget, how respectful were the workers as they work in the home, were they on time and so on. You can look at the firm’s website for pictures and reviews, or if there is not website (a little worrying in this day and age) ask for photos. Those without scruples may present you with photos of kitchens that are not theirs so you should also ask for references from previous customers and ask them if they were happy with the job. A good tip is to ask for references for a recent customer and one for an older customer. You can then get some insight into how well the work lasted and whether there were any issues and how well those were taken care of. Also look in places online for reviews like on Google Local Business Listings, Angie’s list and other social media sites. Look at ratings and read reviews left. If you see negative reviews bring those up with the remodeler and ask them about it to see if the complaint was legitimate.
  2. Paperwork – Be sure to check his or her qualifications and get confirmation that this is definitely a registered business and that the remodeler has a license to practice in your area. As well as checking qualifications it is a good idea to also look into their finances. Ask for a financial statement from their bank. This way you can feel certain that they are not about to go out of business or declare bankruptcy and disappear on you leaving an unfinished kitchen and you out of pocket. Also get a look at proof that they have insurance and that any subcontractors being used also have insurance. Something like a liability policy for general businesses is needed with enough coverage on it and insurance for vehicles too. The workers company insurance also needs to be checked.
  3. Ask for a physical address for the company and go to visit it. There are some companies that work out of their home that are excellent at their jobs, so a separate business address from a home address is not essential, but you want to be sure they are not working out of their truck or using just a P.O box address.
  4. Chemistry is important when dealing with people working in your home! If you prefer people to be professional in their manner you will want to avoid those who are more laid back. Or vice versa. Do you want something with a wow factor and do you get the feeling that kind of thing is something your remodeler understands and can offer.

Remodeling any part of your house can be a big deal but your kitchen is even more so. However with the right research and approach to hiring a kitchen remodeler you can trust you can get the kitchen you deserve.